What is our DAISy-PCOS research about?

DAISy-PCOS stands for: Dissecting Androgen excess and metabolic dysfunction – an Integrated SYstems approach to PolyCystic Ovary Syndrome.

DAISy-PCOS is a new research study funded through the Wellcome Trust and being undertaken at the Institute of Metabolism & Systems Research at the University of Birmingham. The research project is led by Professor Wiebke Arlt and her multidisciplinary research team, alongside support from charities Cysters, Verity, PCOS Vitality. The research project is investigating the metabolic health of 1000 women with PCOS to look for potential biomarkers to predict which women are more at risk of developing other metabolic diseases, such as diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. The research hopes to positively impact the treatment and management practice of PCOS within the medical profession, as well as improving quality of life and informed decision making for PCOS patients themselves.

Alongside the research, the team are also working on a programme of public engagement linked to our research and working in partnership with PCOS community advocates.

What is PCOS?

Find out more about metabolic condition known as PolyCystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and why lifelong healthcare is important for those with the condition.

Research Details?

Learn more about the specifics of the DAISy-PCOS research project. What are metabolic ‘biomarkers’ & why do we think they are important for women with PCOS?

Can I take part?

Interested in being a participant in DAISy-PCOS or future projects? Check if you are eligible to take part and what to expect if you get involved. No pressure!

I took part in the study and it was such a lovely experience. All the team involved made me feel comfortable and gave me treatment plans and information which I wasn’t getting from my GP. The more people with PCOS that do this the better!”

Jenny Cadwaladr @Jub2511 via Twitter

You can support our research through participation, engagement, involvement or advocacy.