I took part in the study and it was such a lovely experience. All the team involved made me feel comfortable and gave me treatment plans and information which I wasn’t getting from my GP. The more people with PCOS that do this the better!

Jenny Cadwaladr @Jub2511 via Twitter

Do you have or suspect you might have PolyCystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)? Interested in taking part in our DAISy-PCOS research study?

Would you be interested in contributing to new research investigating the link between high levels of male sex hormones (androgens) and metabolic diseases in women with PCOS? If yes, read on.

The DAISy-PCOS research study is currently recruiting study volunteers from women aged 18-70 with suspected or confirmed PCOS. To be eligible you must:

  • Not be on any medication(s) that impact steroid/metabolic functions (e.g. combined contraceptive pills, metformin or steroid inhalers  – ask us if unsure)
  • Not be pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Not have kidney or liver disease

Participation takes place in one of our research facilities and normally lasts 3-4 hours. We can cover reasonable travel expenses (public transport or parking fees).

The DAISy-PCOS research study is taking place in sites across the UK & Ireland. Get in touch with your nearest contact to find out more about taking part. Make sure you reference the ‘DAISy-PCOS study’ when you get in touch.

**** IMPORTANT NOTICE: Some research sites may be temporarily closed due to covid-19 restrictions. You can still get in touch and ask to be contacted once the research study is back open****

University of Birmingham is the coordinating hub. For general questions related to DAISy-PCOS or to take part in research at the Birmingham research centre contact us on the email below.

Contacts in Cardiff
Contacts on Coventry 
Contacts in Leeds
Contacts in Edinburgh
Contacts in Kings
Contacts in Imperial
Contacts in Guys & St Thomas
Contacts in Dubin

Not eligible? If you were interested in taking part in this research project but not eligible for this study, you may be interested in being added to a mailing list for notifications of future research projects related to PCOS or other aspects of women’s metabolic health. Alternatively you may still be able to take part in our public engagement activities.