The DAISy-PCOS team would like to gratefully acknowledge the generous funding and support received form the Wellcome Trust, both for our research study and our associated public engagement programme.

We would also like to express thanks to our charity partners who have worked with us to promote and support specific aspects of the delivery of our project. Each of these charities provides vital community support and networking for women with PCOS. You can find out more about their work and the support that they offer in the links below.

Special thanks must also go to the women with PCOS who have participated in our research and / or contributed time and involvement to our engagement activities.

This project would not be possible without all of you.

~Thank you from the DAISy-PCOS team~

For further information on PCOS, you can also download the AskPCOS App of the International PCOS guideline group.

There are several patient groups and grass roots initiatives for women with PCOS in UK & Ireland. Contact our charity support partners below for more information and support: