Join us for the UoB PCOSoc 21 Day Fitness Challenge!

Join the University of Birmingham PCOS Society (PCOSoc) for a 21 day fitness challenge. No equipment needed, you can do activities indoors or outdoors and very little space is needed. You can also break up your activities throughout the day to make them more manageable.

Get involved by signing up here.

PCOSoc was set up by Sophie Broughton, a member of the DAISy-PCOS Leadership Programme to raise awareness of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome amongst University students and to create events and platforms to share, learn and discuss PCOS with peers. Other members of the Leadership Programme are also involved.

The Challenge starts on March 15th, but it runs for 21 days so join at any point. And don’t worry ther are more PCOSoc activities coming soon!

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