DAISY-PCOS at CoCoMad Festival 2022!

We are super excited to be able to run face-to-face activities again, after the challenges of the pandemic these past 2 years.

Our research team and DAISY-PCOS Leaders will be hosting a stall at CoCoMad Festival in Cotteridge Park this July 2nd, 2022. This is a community festival perfect for families and gatherings of friends. There will be lots of activities including music, dance, food, art and also science!

We will be sharing information and resources about PCOS and our Wellcome Trust funded research. We will of course try our best to answer any questions you might have and we are also super interested in hearing about what you have to say about PCOS, so that we can better understand current awareness and perceptions about PCOS in our local community. It’s also a great opprtunity to meet others affected by PCOS and to put faces to some of the scientists who are doing research into the condition. We are a friendly bunch, so do swing by and come chat!

Our colleagues in the Institute of Metabolism & Systems Research will also be running a range of other science activities suitable for children, so both parents/guardians and adults are catered for!

Come visit us in the ‘Science Field’ which will be signposted within the park. Information about getting to the park can be found on the festival website: https://cotteridgepark.org.uk/cocomad/

CoCoMad logo courtesy of Friends of Cotteridge Park. Photo credits: Caroline Gillett

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