Welcome to DAISy-PCOS.com!

Welcome to the our new DAISyPCOS.com website!

DAISy-PCOS stands for: Dissecting Androgen excess and metabolic dysfunction – an Integrated SYstems approach to PolyCystic Ovary Syndrome.

DAISy-PCOS is a new research study funded through the Wellcome Trust and being undertaken at the University of Birmingham led by Professor Wiebke Arlt and her multidisciplinary research team.

As you can see we are still under construction, but we hope to be up and running in a week or two! Check back soon to find out more about our team, the research project, public engagement plans and how you can get involved if interested! In the meantime give us a follow over on Twitter @daisypcos!

We look forward to welcoming you back soon,

All the best Caroline (on behalf of the DAISy-PCOS team)

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