Tamana Kaur Gulati

Why I want to take part?

I want to learn more about PCOS in general and really get a platform to share my experiences with the condition and learn from other people as to how they manage their PCOS. I also want to spread awareness about PCOS because it can be really debilitating and not enough people know how about the condition or how to manage it.

What leadership means to me?

Leadership to me means those that can in some circumstances advocate for others and in others, help others advocate for themselves. A leader is someone who understands the importance of access and inclusion in their work and is able to not only stay strong in their values, but to be prepared to learn and adapt in their leadership journey.

Fun or surprising fact/story?

I love dance! I’ve been dancing Bhangra for 6 years, Salsa for 3 years and Bachata for 2 years. I picked Salsa up at my final year university and have since then gone to the Croatia Summer Salsa Festival for the past two years, which welcomes over 15,000 visitors over two weeks! Its been the hardest thing to lose during lockdown.