Freya Gibson

Why I want to take part?

On a personal level I hope to gain a deeper understanding of the condition! I also am eager to build upon by leadership skills in an environment that can make lasting and important change e.g increased research. I was diagnosed with PCOS at the age of 16. I was sent home from the doctors with a generic NHS leaflet on the condition and little understanding of what PCOS actually is. I am 25 now and still feel like I am only scratching the surface in understanding both the long term and short term effects. Having visited numerous doctors since my diagnosis, I am still finding most GPs have little knowledge on the condition despite how common it is. I have also received much conflicting advice over the years. I have found the most useful information has come from women like myself, whom have PCOS and have undertaken their own research and experimented with diet/suppliments etc.

What leadership means to me?

To me, leadership means providing enthusiasm and guidance to a cause you really care about.

In terms of PCOS specifically, I think it is super important leaders make people feel comfortable and listened to. A lot of women struggle with a loss of confidence and identity when their PCOS symptoms are at their worst. Therefore, by being approachable, forthcoming and passionate about finding ways to minimise symptoms, I am confident this can provide others with the confidence and motivation to try for themselves.

Fun or surprising fact/story?

During lockdown, I designed social distanced themed tote bags and t shirts to raise money for Womens’ Aid. We raised £200 in total!