Annabel Pound

Why I want to take part?

I want to help to open up a conversation about PCOS – it is a condition with such a high prevalence that it can’t be kept behind closed doors any longer. I want to help to reassure women that management options for PCOS exist, and ultimately to make known that no-one is alone when facing PCOS. We need to do this by reducing and eliminating societal stigmas and I look forward to helping run engagement activities to help inform the public.

What leadership means to me?

A good leader is someone who helps a group work towards a common goal by listening to them and valuing everyone’s opinion. A leader should always be involved in the task and not simply directing – they must connect to their team and be genuinely interested in the project and therefore want success for the team. 

Fun or surprising fact/story?

My family have just got a mini daschund named Flora – she is very very cute (see pic!). I love to travel and my favourite places are Hong Kong and Hoi An in Vietnam. I am a third year medical student at UOB.