Amina Hersi

Why I want to take part?

As a Medic and a sufferer of PCOS i knew just how little exposure/ understanding we get of this condition in medical school. I set up my instagram page: @thepcosdr to dispel common myths but also educate through social media.  I also wanted to help medics be better at managing this condition, especially when I see it being described as “harmless” by my peers. This programme will help me to become the best PCOS advocate that I can be to not only patients but my fellow doctors too!

What leadership means to me?

True leadership is recognizing people’s strength, empowering those around you to be better and to lead by example with humility.

Fun or surprising fact/story?

I have a really big family! I am the youngest of 11 Children! With 28 Nieces and nephews.