Ameenah Rasool

Why I want to take part?

I have PCOS and I would like to use my experience to raise awareness on PCOS and empower women with PCOS. I am motivated to be a PCOS advocate, due to the fact that there is not much awareness on PCOS, despite it being such a common condition affecting so many women. I would further like to especially work to raise awareness of PCOS in the south Asian community.

What leadership means to me?

A leader is someone who is relatable and empowering. Someone who represents their followers, adapts to their needs and supports them to succeed.

Fun or surprising fact/story?

I love food and love to cook! I’m a kid at heart (see image from Cadbury world!) I also love teaching and I work part time as a tutor for young children and have set up an online teaching initiative for medical students. I’m also a medical student intercalating in health management and leadership, and I hope to conduct some research on BAME representation in NHS leadership this year!