“It’s vital that we raise awareness of what research is being done and why it’s important, whilst also inviting people to ask questions and share their own perspectives and priorities, especially those with lived experience of PCOS and their communities.”

All of our upcoming community and public engagement events will be listed here in order of which comes first. If you have an idea for a collaboration with us, get in touch!

March 2022

Images shows a variety of colourful pills. The purpose of the image is to promote an upcoming event on PCOS and the pill, organised by the Institute of Metabolism and Systems Research at University of Birmingham and the DAISY-PCOS Leaders. More information about the research team and leaders can be found on

PCOS & The Pill

Join us on Saturday 5th of March at 1 pm GMT for a special online event ahead of this year’s International Women’s Day. We will opening up dialogue on the contentious topic of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and ‘The Pill’.

Learn why the pill is sometimes used in PCOS management and find out more about the different types of pill that exist and why this could really matter to you. We will also discuss new research in this area and why stigma and bias have historically held women’s health research back. We encourage lots of questions and discussion – we hope to see you there!

Date: Saturday 5th March 2022 at 1 pm GMT in the UK. Please check your local timezone, for example we start at : 8.00 am Eastern Time USA / 10.00 am BRT in Brasil / 6.30 pm IST India.

This event is completely free, register on Zoom: CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

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